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  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
  • The Historic City of Perth Amboy
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Redevelopment Projects

1. Amboy Corporate Center – This Project consists of two state of the art buildings totaling 1,250,000 square feet. The developer will also provide for a 80’ right of way along the southern boundary of the property for a connector road to be constructed by the County. The Developer will also provide a 12” water interconnection across the property and $500K community contribution.

2 . Amboy Avenue/Convery Boulevard Connector Road – This project will connect Amboy Avenue and Convery Boulevard. It will be located between the Amboy Corporate Center and the new Perth Amboy Early Learning Center. The project will be constructed by the County on land donated as a result of the Redevelopment Agreement between PARA and Morris Companies.

3. Convery Boulevard/Smith Street – RFP’s were solicited by PARA.

4. Cornucopia Redevelopment Sale/Agreement - PARA sold a portion of the IGI site to Mustafa Kilic for him to relocate his current dinner cruise ship operations. As part of this agreement, Mustafa must construct site improvements and capping of the property.

5. County Creek Storage Facility – Country Creek, LLC has been designated as the redeveloper for property located on State Street, north of 440 to build a storage facility.

6. Federal Hill at Perth Amboy – Kaplan Company is the designated redeveloper of the property bound by Fayette Street, Conrail and Stanford Street. This project embraces the concept of transit villages by providing premier residential units in close proximity to mass transit and downtown shopping.

7. Firehouse Plaza – Located on the corner of State and Hall Ave, the construction of Firehouse Plaza and the Hall Avenue Extension is complete – easing traffic congestion and providing new retail and office space in the area.

8. GIS System – Water – DEP is requiring that the City water system be provided in GIS format in order to obtain any new permits. If this is not completed by October 1, 2008 our extension will expire and development will come to a halt. A draft document was submitted to the NJDEP prior to the deadline. We are currently waiting for NJDEP response/comment.

9. Glopak Industries – The vacated EnviroFeed building is the new home to Glopak Industries, as plastic bag manufacturer that relocated their business from NY.

10. I-Port 440 – $178 Million redevelopment project will remediate contaminated property and construct a mix of commercial and office space between State Street and the Arthur Kill. Facilities will include: approx 1.6M sf flex/warehouse/retail space, 200K sf office space & 25 acre of property to be investigated and donated to the city.

11. InRem - Barclay Street, LLC – This site is the location of the former Sobel Brother’s Property. The land was listed as a superfund site. Future plans for the site include remediation and the construction of 11 townhouses.

12. InRem – 179-B First Street – This was an in-rem property that was acquired by PARA through the City. PARA has tried on numerous occasions to sell the property but no one is interested in it because of the cost associated with rehabilitation/demolition. Demolition of the building has been completed.

13. 314 Goodwin Street, Block 112, Lots 27, 28, and 29 – Formerly an in Rem property, abandoned and not generating taxes, PARA sold the land to a redeveloper who has constructed 2 two-family homes on the property.

14. InRem – 322 Market Street – This was an in-rem property that PARA sold to a local developer. The property has been developed as an affordable, two-family home

15. InRem - 615-617 Amboy Avenue – Former firehouse sold to local developer, JBW. Project consisted of rehabilitation of the firehouse to a local bank (Millennium Bank). This project is complete. It is assessed at $1.02M and created 5 jobs.

16. InRem - 190-192 Hall Avenue – Sold to local redeveloper for residential use. The Project has not yet been completed but is now contributing to the tax base. It is assessed at 200,000.

17. InRem - 214 Hall Avenue – This inRem property was sold to a local developer who constructed a single-family residential dwelling. The project is complete. The property is assessed at $329,900.

18. InRem - 693 Johnstone Street – The property was a small bottling company in predominately residential neighborhood; the redeveloper demolished the small industrial use and constructed a single-family home. The project is complete. It is assessed at $447,400.

19. InRem – 597 State Street – This property was sold to a small developer who subdivided the lot and constructed two 2-family homes on the property. The project is complete.

20. InRem – 346 Washington Street – This property was sold to an adjacent business owner in order for him to provide additional parking for the public. Property transfer is complete.

21. InRem – 236 Hall Avenue – This inRem property was sold to a local developer for renovation. It is currently occupied

22. InRem – 184 Sheridan Street – This inRem property was sold to a local developer. The residential property was rehabilitated and sold. The project is complete. It is assessed at $271,600.

23. InRem – 304 Leon Avenue – InRem property purchased by local businessman. To be developed as residential.

24. InRem – 800 Valley Place – InRem property sold to local developer to be rehabilitated. The four-family properties have been rehabilitated and are currently occupied. The property is assessed at $304,700.

25. InRem – 284 Bertrand Avenue – This inRem property was sold to a local business. Business operations continue. The building is occupied. It is assessed at $455,900.

26. InRem – 267 Watson Street – This inRem property, owned by PARA, was sold to a local developer in 2007. The property was sold to a local developer, interior renovations are underway

27. InRem – 484 Sayre Avenue – InRem property owned by PARA. Property has been sold and developed as a single-family home by a local developer. The property was developed by a local builder. The assessed value is $273,900.

28. In Rem – 755 Carlock Avenue – This was a small parcel of property that is bound by other properties and not developable. It was sold to an adjacent property owner.

29. Individualized Shirts – This property was designated as a property in need of rehabilitation in February 2008. The business owner is seeking to expand current operations.

30. Job Fair 2008 – in partnership with UEZ, Middlesex County Workforce Investment Board and Middlesex County College - PARA worked with the UEZ, the Mayor’s Office, the County Workforce Investment Board and the County College/Vocational HS to orchestrate the City’s 2nd Annual Job Fair. This job fair was the perfect opportunity to introduce the new businesses coming into the City as a result of the redevelopment efforts as well as the existing local businesses to the local workforce. The event was a tremendous success, drawing over 4500 applicants.

31. King Plaza – This mixed-use project will breathe new life into the city’s downtown commercial/retail district by providing 249 affordable apartment units, 66,000 square feet of retail/office space, and constructing much-needed downtown parking with easy access to Smith Street.

32. Landings at Harborside – The project will radically transform land along the City’s eastern shoreline. It consists of townhomes and condominiums, retail space, cultural arts center, public waterfront esplanade, parks and marina. The first residential units were offered for sale in 2006 (the Admiral Building), pre-construction sales sold out within a month of the offering.

33. Liberty Center – A combination of commercial and retail space the site is completed. A Certificate of Completion has been issued. The building is occupied by a bank and a fitness facility. Approximately 14 jobs are on the site. The Project is assessed at $333,900.00

34. Matrix Outdoor Media – This property is owned by the Perth Amboy Redevelopment Agency. PARA entered into lease agreements with Lamar Industries and T-Mobile to construct a billboard and hang cellular antennas on the property. Income earned from this Agreement is used to offset PARA operating costs.

35. North Amboy Development – Located on the corner of Maurer Road and Amboy Avenue, this project includes the expansion of the V&S facilities (allowing them to include a new process in the business plan) and subdivision of the remaining property where Comcast and Heritage Millwork will be locating their facilities.

36. Perth Amboy Business Park-Matrix – This project reclaimed 26 acres of the former Chevron sulfur facility and created approximately 500,000 square feet of light industrial, office and warehouse facilities seeking to take advantage of the Perth Amboy workforce. Now completed, the Project is the home of Walker Zanger; Prestige Windows; Shalom International, Saramax Apparel Group and Porteous Fasteners. It has remediated a heavily contaminated property, created over 650 jobs, is assessed at $27M and produces substantial new annual rateables.

37. Reconserve – Scope Industries constructed a new facility and relocated their northeast operation to Perth Amboy, along the northern boundary of the city. The project is complete. It created 28 jobs and is assessed at $5.3M.

38. Riverview Management – This project consists of 92,000 sq. feet of light industrial use at the corner of Grant and Paterson Streets. The project will create a “step down” buffer between the existing heavy industrial steel mill and an adjacent residential neighborhood.

39. Riverview (Victory) Center – This project developer has been de-designated. A new RFP has been issued. An email was sent to all parties that have expressed interest in the past as well as our existing redevelopers. A letter of interest is due on May 1. The proposals are due on July 2. PARA will have presentations from the proposers at the December 2008 meeting.

40. Riverview Harbor Development – This Project is located on the former IGI property. It will include a mix of thirty-four townhomes and eleven 2-family houses and approximately 77K sf of flex space.

41. Senior Enhanced Living Center – This is the former vocational high school located on New Brunswick Avenue. The property has been sold to the Perth Amboy Housing Authority to be converted to the affordable senior living center. The planned facilities will include medical, transportation, exercise and recreational amenities for the seniors.

42. Sheridan Plaza Apartments – This $5M project is an outstanding example of how a smaller redevelopment effort provides enormous benefits to a community. Once completed, the project will eliminate an industrial blight from a residential community. The project will convert three abandoned industrial buildings into a premier residential apartment complex. The facilities will provide for 36 one-bedroom, 32 age-restricted one-bedroom, and 21 two-bedroom units within walking distance of the Senior Center. The units will be affordable.

43. Silver Leaf Development – PARA has been working with a local business owner on the expansion of his current operations.

44. State Street Plaza, 417 – 421 – Former inRem property that PARA sold to local developer. This project is completed. It is a combination of eight 1-bedroom age-restricted apartments and approximately 10,000 sqft office space. The Project is complete, has created 10 jobs, is assessed at $1.64M and generates new ratables.

45. Shoppes at Victory Village – This Project is expected to be completed in Summer 2008. Currently under construction, the property is the former bankruptcy Giles property located on the corner of Sayre Ave. and Convery Blvd. Demolition of the existing facilities was completed in 2007 and foundations and footings are underway. The new mixed-use retail center, which is in close proximity to the Raritan Bay Medical Center, will include approximately 19,000 square feet of specialty retail space with 15 apartments on the second story.

46. Waterfront Village – This is a transit village project that will construct townhomes along 2nd Street.

47. Wireless Connectivity – to be provided.