Public Works Directory

All departments and/or divisions are described in a brief overview for your convenience, should you have further questions, please contact our department at the numbers provided below.


Department of Public Works: (732) 826-2010

Director:Frank Dann4205
Recycling and Clean Communities
Coordinator:Geraldine Barcheski4204
Overall Daily Operation, Road Repair, Leaf Collection, Street Sweeping
General Supervisor:Frank Hoffman4213
Sanitation Collection
Sanitation Supervisor:Hector Palidura4216
Parks Maintenance, Tree Trims & Removals
Parks Supervisor:Julio Vega4209
Maintenance of City Owned Properties & Buildings
Building, Grounds & Electrical Supervisor:Daniel Cleaver4212

Edwin Perez, Sr.4217


Main Office Staff
Office Staff:Celestina Ramos4200
Elena Rosario4202
Eileen Mergott4201