PERTH AMBOY, NJ (Wednesday, April 24, 2018)— Mayor Wilda Diaz is pleased to announce that the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP) and the New Jersey Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission, by a unanimous vote granted the Perth Amboy Police Department their official accreditation status. NJ. Chiefs, Executive Officers and staff from Law Enforcement agencies throughout the state attended the hearing.

The department demonstrated its compliance with the standards set forth by the NJSACOP Accreditation process and was then comprehensively reviewed by a team of assessors. Upon successful completion of the on-site review, the Department was reviewed by the Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission and subsequent approved to receive their accredited status on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

During the review, they referred to the Department as, “a model of diversity that all police agencies should follow.” Additionally, the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police said in a written statement, “This coveted accreditation status represents a significant benchmark accomplishment in the professional performance of any law enforcement agency.  It signifies a level of professional organization and a commitment to excellence in law enforcement that police agencies seek to achieve.”

“Our Police Department ensures that our citizens are provided the highest standard of police services. I want to congratulate Acting Chief Roman McKeon and each member of the Perth Amboy Police Department for this significant achievement, as it reflects their continued commitment to policing and public safety,” said Mayor Wilda Diaz.

“By adopting a set of best practices, standards and implementation of policies and procedures that are conceptually sound and operationally effective, we have a Police Department for the people that embraces our cultural diversity, and works as one to aid the City in its advancements,” said Acting Chief of Police Roman McKeon, Perth Amboy Police Department. “I would like to recognize Deputy Chief Lawrence Cattano and Detective Lieutenant Panagiotis Boulieris for their dedication and commitment to the accreditation process. I want to extend my appreciation to all the members of the Perth Amboy Police Department, who continue to demonstrate the skill set of an exemplary department by serving and protecting our community.”

The rigorous formal accreditation process entails many phases. It begins with an application from the police agency, follows with a self-assessment, police development, mock assessment, commission on-site assessment, public hearing and commission review.  The final evaluation, an intensive, two-day, on-site evaluation of all departmental procedures and policies. The typical evaluation involves verifying compliance of 105 standards and touches upon every aspect of policing from racial profiling to administrative procedures; from operations to promotions; from use of force to pursuit policy.

Additionally, the Perth Amboy Police Department has been recognized numerous times for their efforts in the area of Community Policing including, the 2017 Attorney General Awards for Outstanding Community Policing and in 2016 the Perth Amboy Auxiliary Division was recognized by the State Attorney General as a model program.

The Perth Amboy Police Department joins an exclusive group of police agencies that are currently accredited by New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police Accreditation Commission, among other, Police Departments, Sheriff Departments, and Prosecutor’s Offices across the State of New Jersey. The accredited status is re-evaluated every three years to ensure that accreditation standards are maintained.

We, the members of the Perth Amboy Police Department exist to serve all people within our jurisdiction with respect, fairness and compassion. Our mission is to ensure the rights of individuals while protecting our community and serving its' citizens. We, the Men and Women of this department shall perform our duties with honesty, integrity and impartiality. We are committed to work together in a partnership with our community to enhance the quality and life and to make Perth Amboy a safer place to live, work and play.

The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP) is a professional membership organization serving New Jersey's law enforcement and private security executives.  Its mission is to promote and enhance the highest ethical and professional standards at every level of law enforcement throughout New Jersey and become the primary vehicle for the development of excellence in law enforcement leadership throughout the state.  The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police through its New Jersey Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission is the legitimate authority and accreditation agency in the State of New Jersey.