Important Dates to Remember

October 1st pretax - Assessment valuation date, values required for the following year tax base. Ownership by this date is required for most deductions and other benefits.

February 1st - Taxpayer assessment notification cards mailed to all property owners. Previous year net taxes bill are included in that notice.

April 1st - Appeal deadline date for taxpayers to appeal their Assessment. Forms to be obtained and filed with the County Tax Board.

October 1st - Filing of Added Assessment List with County Tax Board. Added Assessment Notices sent out to those properties owners who have improvements completed and inspected by the Assessor.

November 1st - Filing Deadline for Tax Exempt Organization Initial Statements. Deadline for Tax Exempt Organization Further Statements every third year after original filing. Taxes due for Added Assessment Bill.

December 1st - Deadline for filing of Added Assessment Appeal with the County Tax Board.

December 31st - Deadline for filing of Senior Citizen and Veteran Deduction Applications for the next year, thereafter with the Tax Collector during the tax year.