About The Perth Amboy Police Department

Police Station

The Perth Amboy Police Department has established a table of organization; 130 full time Uniformed Officers are supported by up to 5 Special Class I and 6 Special Class II part time Police Officers, 23 volunteer Auxiliary Police Officers, civilian 911 dispatchers, civilian report takers, along with a complement of non-uniformed civilian support personnel, including a Domestic Violence Response Team, crossing guards and the Perth Amboy Police and Fire Chaplain Corps. A total of 287 personnel members makeup our family, providing superior service and utilizing the best practice in law enforcement.

A Police Director and Acting Chief, head the department in its entirety. In addition to the usual protective services provided to the community, the department also maintains a full Investigative Division which includes an ID Bureau, Special Investigation Bureau, Juvenile Aid Bureau, Special Services Unit and a Community Policing Unit. The department operates a centralized 911 Dispatch Communication Center for all emergency services within the city and is housed within the Public Safety Complex.

Roman McKeon
Acting Chief of Police
(732) 442-4400